Enrolment in the Bachelor's Degree programme in Architecture
On 12th  June 2020 the MIUR published the following Ministerial Decrees:
  • Ministerial Decree no. 215 of 12th June 2020 on "Definizione dei posti disponibili per l'accesso ai corsi di laurea e di laurea magistrale a ciclo unico direttamente finalizzati alla formazione di Architetto 2020-2021".
  • Ministerial Decree no. 216 of 12th June 2020 on "Modalità e i contenuti delle prove di ammissione al corso di laurea e laurea mag. a ciclo unico finalizzato alla formazione di Architetto (lingua italiana e lingua inglese) a.a. 20/21". 
Remember that having regard to the recent measures in the matter of containment and epidemiological emergency
management of COVID-2019 relevant to the whole national territory and in order to allowUniversities to proceed
to the preparation of the appropriate organisational measures related to the conduct of the tests, the MIUR announces
that the calendar of the test dates published on the official website with notice of 11 March 2020 has been entirely
replaced and that the test date for the Degree course in Architettura - Architecture for a.y. 2020/21 will be defined by each University in its Call for Admission before September 25 2020.
Please read the notice of 19 May published on the MIUR website.
further information will be defineds will be defined by a following Ministerial Decree.
Here you can download the new national tests calendar
Applicants are required to take an admission test called TIL-A (Test d’Ingresso onLine – Architettura) organized by Politecnico di Torino in accordance with the provisions of Ministerial Decree no. 216 of 12th June 2020 and its annexes. 
The date of the test is:
4th September 2020
from Monday 06th July 2020 
up to 12.00 a.m. (Gmt +2 - Italian time) 
of Friday 28th August 2020
Open to everyone
To have access to the TIL test it is REQUIRED to read all the rules for the admission contained in the Call for applications for admissions to the Bachelor’s degree programmes in Architettura-Architecture
 How does the test work 
Due to the limitations following the COVID-19 emergency, the TIL-A (Test d’Ingresso onLine – Architettura) will be held online remotely from a location of your choice. Please read Annex C of the Call for Admission to learn more on how to take the remote TIL test.  
Remote TIL instructionsTo participate to the exam the student must have the following appropriate means:
- personal computer Windows 10 or Mac, equipped with a webcam
- Browser - network connection suitable for a videoconference
- a second device with the same characteristics (smartphone or tablet or other computer) connected with the power supply and with the Internet, equipped with a webcam.In addition, it is mandatory to prepare the ID (identity document) before the beginning of the test (preferably the ID inserted during registration) and some blank pages.
The start time of the test is the one published on your personal Apply page Apply@polito.
It is mandatory for the student to prepare on time in order to meet the start time on the schedule and checking the functionality of the necessary devices.
ATTENTION: all students are expected to take the simulation of the test a few days before the TIL test date, in order to identify and solve any problem or critical aspect. The University is not responsible for any problems concerning the lack of verification of the correct functioning of the devices and of the internet connection used during the test.
A lack of network connection for a time period that does not allow the regular execution of the TIL test may result in the annulment of the test itself. Participate in the test implies the acceptance of the methods identified by the Politecnico of Torino, including the video recording to ensure the regularity of the TIL test performance.
Who can take the TIL test The score obtained in the TIL-A test is only valid for enrolment in academic year 2020/21. For this reason, applicants must be attending their last year of high school  or they must have already earned their high school diploma when they apply for the TIL-A test.
How to register for the admission test
In order to register for the test, you must register on the Apply platform and fill out all the required data. After the registration to the admission test, the specific registration fee should be paid, respecting the terms and deadlines indicated in the Call for applications for admissions to the Bachelor’s degree programme in Architettura-Architecture.
Participate in the TIL test
If you want to participate in the TIL-A test, we remind you that under the Apply section named “Select your course” you must necessarily select the degree in Architettura-Architecture.Payments methods
The TIL registration fee is: € 50,00 .
The amount paid cannot be reimbursed under any circumstances, nor it can be considered valid for TIL sessions other than the one for which the candidate had registered.When you complete the TIL registration procedure, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.The registration fee can be paid with various payment methods, including
  1. Credit cards (or other payment methods available on the PagoPA platform) generating an immediate payment;
  2. Pre-printed notice of payment (MAV on the PagoPA platform), generating a deferred payment.
 Applicants who pay using the method illustrated under number 2) must go back to the Apply@polito platform and specify the payment date (self-declaration). Failure to do so entails that their payment is not valid. Both the payment and the self-declaration must take place before the deadlines illustrated in art. 3 of the Call for applications for admissions.
Should the self-declaration be found to be false or incorrect, the registration for the test, or the test itself, will be cancelled. 
PLEASE NOTE: before payment is made, check which turns are still available.If you don’t see the turn of your preference it means that the seats are sold out, therefore you can register for the next TIL session. The choice of the date and turn in which to take the TIL test can be done in the section called “TIL-Architettura”, that will appear after you enter into the procedure Apply@polito all the required information and after you have done the “Save and Submit". 
How to prepare to the admission test
To learn about the prior knowledge requirements for the admission test, check the following webpage: http://orienta.polito.it/en/entry_requirements
In order to get ready for the admission test, we suggest you the following:
  • You can consult the contents of the previous years’ admission tests by clicking on the pages of each Bachelor’s degree programme, under the section named "Iscrizione al primo anno"/ “First-year enrolment”
  • After the registration on the Apply@polito platform, on your personal page you will have at your disposal specific multimedia materials that can help you prepare for the admission test. A test simulator is also available.
 Test format and scoring of the TIL-A
For the admission test applicants have 70 minutes to answer 40 questions.
Questions are divided in 5 sections covering 5 different disciplines.
The number of questions and the time limits are organized as follows:   
  • 8 General Knowledge questions in 15 minutes
  • 6 Abstract Reasoning (Logic) questions in 10 minutes
  • 12 History questions in 20 minutes
  • 6 Design and Representation questions in 10 minutes
  • 8 Mathematics and Physics questions in 15 minutes
Each question has 5 possible answers (identified with A,B,C,D,E), only one of which is correct.   The score is based on the following criteria:
  • 1.5  points for each correct answer
  • A penalty of 0,40 points (-0,40) for each incorrect answer
  • 0 points for each unanswered question    
At the end of the TIL-A test candidates will immediately see the score obtained; the same score will also be available on their personal page of the Apply@Polito platform. 
TIL-A results
The TIL-A results will be published on Thursday 10th September 2020 with:
  1. a ranking list of all EU applicants and non-EU applicants residing in Italy
  2. a ranking list of all non-EU applicants residing abroad
Politecnico di Torino will make an offer of admission to the Bachelor’s degree programme in Architettura/Architecture to the applicants included in the ranking list up to the maximum number of available student places.
Applicants who have not answered any question will not be included on the ranking list.
The ranking lists are made with the following criteria:
  1. applicants are ranked in descending order based on their TIL-A score;
  2. in case of equal ranking, the score obtained in the individual sections that make up the TIL-A test shall prevail, considered in the following order: general knowledge and abstract reasoning, history, design and representation, physics and mathematics. In case of a further equal ranking, the younger applicant will be chosen.
Admission requirements
Language requirementsFor Bachelor's degree programme entirely taught in Italian students with foreign educational qualification need PLIDA B1 (Italian certificate).
The certificates or exemptions accepted in substitution for PLIDA B1 are available at: 
For Bachelor's degree programme entirely taught in English:  applicants must have an English language certificate – B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).The English language certificates or exemptions accepted by Politecnico di Torino to ascertain applicants’ knowledge of English (B2 level) are available at:
All the enrolment requirements are listed  in Annex A attached to the Call for applications for admissions to the Bachelor’s degree programmes of the Architettura-Architecture, of which they are integral part. 
ATTENTION PLEASE: in view of the ongoing health emergency and given the high probability that candidates may not be in a position to acquire a English language certification and, in the required cases, the italian certification in time for enrolment in the a.y. 2020/21, it is provided an enrolment “with condition” for the admitted students that, within the deadlines for the enrolment itself, will not be in possession of the required certification. 
The enrolment with condition must be concluded by 30 of June 2021 by presenting the missing language certification. If no document is presented within the indicated deadline, from that moment the access to the personal apply page of the website will be prohibited and the student will be unable to perform career acts until the delivery of the certification, without prejudice to the Regulation of students in the matter of school leaving.