Enrolling at Polito doesn’t mean only having access to a diversified, innovative and multidisciplinary course catalog, but also to enter into a welcoming community to live experiences to remember for a lifetime.
PoliTO is …sport
You can enjoy sports and activities at the facilities of the CUS, the University Sport Center of Politecnico, you can enter into Polito teams participating in sports events that are national but also international, you can work with student teams that are active in sports.
PoliTO Sport
PoliTO is…Sustainability
Aligning with the best international Universities, Politecnico of Torino intends to raise awareness of its social role (as individual and as an institution) through education to the culture of sustainability. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with a dedicated team, called the “Green Team”, which is composed by professors, students, administrative staff and researchers, that encourages Polito to address environmental and social challenges.
Green team
PoliTO is…music
You will have the opportunity to participate or simply listen to the coro PoliEtnico, the choir of Politecnico di Torino that was born on December 2013 from the idea of two professors and two students of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Today the choir is formed by 121 participants between students, professors, researchers and employees of Politecnico and participate into dozens of concerts in Italy and abroad.
PoliEtnico Choir
OndeQuadre...PoliTo Web radio
OndeQuadre is the Politecnico of Torino institutional web radio. It was born in 2005 and it was the first Italian web radio planned and realized in the Politecnico environment.OndeQuadre is a real voice amplifier regarding University potential and vitality and it is an extraordinary communication tool.OndeQuadre offers a schedule of music and programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Diritto OndeQuadre
PoliTO is …Torino
Torino is a city where more than 100.000 students live with a lower cost of living compared to other big Italian cities; it is a green city with lots of city parks, has a dimension that makes it livable and where it’s pretty easy to move.
In its streets and palaces one can breathe the history, during the year the city hosts international events and festivals linked to cinema, arts and music.
The city has been able to maintain its historical characteristics, but also to diversifyits vocations focusing on the production sectors with high content of knowledge. To the consolidated role of industrial hub, it was added the one of the capital of innovation.